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B.Sc. - Animation

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B. Sc. (Animation) is a systematically designed three year course that prepares the student for a career in Animation, VFX, Gaming and Graphic Design Industry. The syllabus of Animation subject forms the required basics for pursuing higher studies in Animation. The Syllabus also develops requisite professional skills and problem solving abilities for pursuing a career in Animation, VFX, Gaming and Graphic Design Industry.

This program lays special emphasis on fundamental skills of animation. Students develop their creative style of animation. Student will study 2D animation, 3D animation, Game technologies, UI designing, Web development, Visual Effects, Editing , Compositing and Motion Graphics. This Program helps students to develop strong skills to meet the growing needs of the industry. 



  •  To familiarize the students with various approaches, methods and techniques of Animation Technology.
  •  To develop competencies and skills needed for becoming an effective Animator. Mastering traditional & digital tools to produce stills and moving images.
  • Exploring different approaches in computer animation.
  • To enable students to manage Animation Projects from its Conceptual Stage to the final product creation.
  • To  train  students  in  applying  laws  of  human  motion  and  psychology  in  2-D  or  3-D characters.
  • To develop expertise in life-drawing and related techniques.To apply Audio and Video Production Techniques to an Animation Project. 



Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) or its equivalent Examination with English with any three Science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, Biology, etc OR Three years Diploma Course of Board of Technical Education conducted by Government of Maharashtra or its equivalent. OR Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) Examination with English and any of the following vocational subjects in technical group of + 2 level (MCVC). Qualifying Elementary / Intermediate School Level drawing examination is desirable.



Medium Of Instruction

The medium of instruction for the course shall be English.




The duration of B.Sc.(Animation) Degree Program shall be three years.



B.Sc - Animation Program Outline:

First Year Yearly Pattern

F.Y.B.Sc. Animation
                        Theory Courses
Paper Id Paper Name
AN-1101 Introduction to Elements of Information Technology
AN-1102 Introduction to Programming Languages
AN-1103 Basics of Animation
AN-1104 Foundation Art
AN-1105 Computer Based 2D Animation
AN-1106 Introduction to Graphics
AN-1107 Elements of 3D Design
AN-1108 Introduction to Mass Communication and Media Literacy
  Practical Papers
AN-1109 Introduction to Programming languages
AN-1110 Foundation Art & Basics of Animation
AN-1111 Introduction to Graphics
AN-1112 Elements of 3D Design

Note: Course curriculum is as on 8th June 2015. Subject to change if any by the competent authority..

Second Year - Semester - I & II

S.Y.B.Sc. Animation
Theory paper 
Semester - I
Paper Id Theory Courses
AN-2101 Value Education
AN-2102 3D Production ( Using Software Maya)
AN-2103 Graphics Art ( Using Software Adobe Indesign)
AN-2104 Multimedia Systems
AN-2105 Animation Techniques – I
AN-2106 Production Process – I
  Semester - II

Value Education (Skill Development, Personality, Development, Mind Mapping)

AN-2202 3D Production (Using Software Mudbox)
AN-2203 Introduction to Action Script ( Using Software Adobe Flash)
AN-2204 a Communicatio<n
AN-2205 Animation Techniques – II
AN-2206 Production Process – II


Practical Papers
Paper Id Paper Name

Practical Based on AN-2102, AN-2202 -  Sem I & Sem II 

AN-2207   Practical Based on AN-2103, AN-2203 -  Sem I & Sem II
AN-2207   Practical Based on AN-2105, AN-2106, AN-2205, AN-2206 -  Sem I & Sem II

 Course curriculum is as on 8th June 2015. Subject to change if any by the competent authority..

Third Year Semester - III & IV


T.Y.B.Sc. Animation
                        Theory Courses
  Semester - III
Paper Id Paper Name
AN-3101 Script Writing
AN-3102 Web Technology
AN-3103 Game Design
AN-3104 Digital Editing
AN-3105 VFX – I
AN-3106 Creative Thinking
  Semester - IV
Paper Id Paper Name
AN-3201 IPR and Cyber Security
AN-3202 User Interface (UI ) Design
AN-3203 Game Production
AN-3204 Motion Graphics
AN-3205 VFX – II
AN-3206 New Media
  Practical Papers
Paper Id Paper Name
AN-3207 Practical Based on AN-3102, AN-3202, AN-3103, AN3203– Sem III & Sem IV
AN-3208 Practical Based on AN-3104, AN-3204, AN-3105, AN3205– Sem III & Sem IV
AN-3209 Project, Show reel and Portfolio


Note: Course curriculum is as on 8th June 2015. Subject to change if any by the competent authority..