Date: 02nd August 2020


Friendship Day is enthusiastically celebrated every year by many countries. The occasion is observed on the first Sunday of every August. The traditional celebrations include meeting with friends and exchanging of cards, flowers and gifts to strengthen the bond of affection.  It is celebrated to commemorate the bond between friends. By keeping this in mind this year NSS volunteers of Suryadatta College of Management Information & Technology, Bavdhan, Pune have decided to celebrate it in a unique way by doing friendship with ocean.

As we know every drop of water we drink, every breath we take, we are connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth we live. Most of the oxygen in the atmosphere is generated by the sea. That’s why to save the ocean is a need of an hour.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation students were not able to go out but still by using social media platform SCMIRT NSS Volunteers on the occasion of Friendship Day appeal to society to do friendship with the ocean to “save the ocean”. Volunteers Created awareness posters and Videos and spread them on their social media network and requested everyone not to through any kind on rubbish in Ocean and suggested the ways to save ocean.

Report Prepared by-

Priya Barate


Date: 4th July 2020

As responsible citizens and Educational Institution, Suryadatta Group of Institutes does not lag behind in promoting various social awareness programs and sensitizing and educating its students to be good corporate citizens. Keeping this in mind, Suryadatta Group of Institute’s SCMIRT NSS department participated in “Virtual Wari” an initiative taken by SPPU NSS the theme for the same was “Swach Wari- Swasth Wari- Nirmal Wari- Harit Wari” between 21st June till 4th July. It was an initiative towards creating an awareness of tree plantation.

The NSS volunteers and staff members of Suryadatta College of Management Information Research & Technology, Bavdhan, Pune were actively involved in tree plantation program. By following all social distancing norms and safety rules students and faculties planted various medicinal (Neem, Tulsi, Aloe-Vera, Gulvel, Ananta) and fruit saplings like (Mango and Guava) in their society.

Many Students inspire and conducted plantation along with their society members.

Report Prepared by-

Priya Barate


Date: 15th October 2020

Global hand washing day is celebrated every year around the world on October 15 to increase awareness and understanding among people about the importance of washing their hands with soap to stay away from germs and diseases. Germs are everywhere around us and we should wash our hands especially before eating so that they can’t enter our body. Global hand washing day is a campaign to motivate people to wash their hands with soap at critical moments throughout a day.

Under the awareness campaign of “Mazhe Kutumb Mazhi Jababdaari” organised by SPPU NSS to spread the awareness of how we can be protected from COVID-19 by proper handwashing NSS Department of Suryadatta Education Foundation’s Suryadatta College of Management, Information Research & Technology (SCMIRT) has organised drawing competition for the primary students i.e. from std Ist till IVth of Suryadatta National School the topic for the same was “Hand Hygiene for All” and quiz on importance of handwashing for higher standards i.e. from std Vth till Xth

Students of Suryadatta Education Foundation’s Suryadatta National School (SNS) participated enthusiastically and come up with fantastic drawings in the handwashing campaign organised by SCMIRT NSS.

Report Prepared by-

Priya Barate


Visit to Old Age Home on the Occasion of International Old Age Persons


Place Visited-Jansewa Foundation’s Vruddhashram at Panshet, Pune


Date-1st October 2020


Time- 02.00pm to 07.30 pm


1st October 2020 is celebrated   as ‘International Old Age Persons Day’ all over the world. Old age home visit was planned to celebrate this special day. Along with Director & CEO of SGI Dr. Shailesh Kasande & Dean Academics Dr. Pratiksha Wable SCMIRT NSS PO Priya Barhate and faculty representative Monika Kulkarni along with other non-teaching staff members visited the Old Age Home of ‘Jansewa Foundation’ located at Panshet Pune.

 Objective of the Visit

  1. To percolate and nurture human values like love, care, service, empathy among our students.
  2. To show gratitude towards the Old Age People of Society.
  3. To understand old age problems.
  4. To recognize their contribution towards society.
  5. To recognize their talents.
  6. To get their valuable advice, message for our students.

SCMIRT Team reached at Vruddhashram at 3 pm. Permission was already taken with promise that all Precautions like social distancing, masks and other safety measures will be followed during the visit. Ms. Sonali Shaha administrator of aashram guided and extended the cooperation.

Following activities were carried on in aashram:

Activities at Old Age House

  1. As per our promise to aashram authorities by taking proper care Distributed Fruits, sweets, snacks and books to Library.
  2. Dr Shailesh Kasande, Dr Pratiksha Wable shared the Suryadatta Group of Institute message and purpose of visit. Other faculties and staff also interacted and shared their feelings with them.
  3. Few senior citizens-Mr. Modi, Ms. Ketkar share their feelings and gave their message for SGI students.
  4. Talents of senior citizen were recognized and they shared beautiful song like ‘Jyot se Jyot Milate Chalo……’. Other old leady sang beautifully ’JATYA WARCHI OVI’.

It was indeed an effort to preserve our vanishing art and talent.

5.Visited library maintained by Kasbekar Aajoba (Retired Professor)

Ms Sonali shah shared about the routine of the members and how old age people are spending quality time. She extended that old age people talents are recognized here. They are doing plantation, stitching work, administration and cooking work at Aashram.

All old age people conveyed that we must take care of our elders and shall give respect to them.

At the end Dr. Shailesh Kasande & Dr Pratiksha Wable, offered their thanks with a promise that we will be revisiting with our students after the pandemic situation. We also promised them that we will be sharing the Recording of interviews and messages with the students of SCMIRT. We left Aashram with a heavy heart and concluded the visit by 7.30 pm.


Report Prepared by-

Ms. Monika Kulkarni (Asst Prof-SCMIRT)

Ms. Priya Barate (SCMIRT NSS PO)

Kargil Vijay Diwas 2020


Date: 26th July 2020

NSS Volunteers of Suryadatta College of Management Information Research & Technology, on July 26, paid tribute to the martyred soldiers to mark the 21st anniversary of India’s victory over Pakistan in the Kargil war and saluted their “courage, valour and sacrifice.”

The Kargil war was declared over on July 26 in 1999 after Indian soldiers had pushed back Pakistani troops, a bulk of them drawn from the neighbouring country’s Northern Light Infantry, from the captured peaks in Kargil.

The country lost more than 500 soldiers in the war. The day is observed as ‘Kargil Vijay Diwas’ to commemorate India’s victory. “26 July immortalised as Kargil Vijay Diwas is a saga of Glorious Victory of the Nation during Kargil Conflict in May-July 1999. SCMIRT NSS Volunteers salutes the undaunted courage, indomitable valour and sacrifice of our heroes,” on their social media network as it was not possible to gather in college because of COVID-19 pandemic.

Report Prepared by-

Priya Barate


Cycling is one of the best ways to remain fit and healthy. It is the new craze that combines fitness with fun and allows us to maintain social distancing. As a part of Fit India Movement Cyclothon was organised by SCMIRT NSS the Fit India the cyclothon was flagged off by Principal of SCMIRT Dr. Abbas Lokhandwala all Students, teaching and non-teaching members enthusiastically participated in Cyclothon and created awareness of fitness through cycling.

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