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October 11, 2021
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October 20, 2021

BBA International Business (BBA-IB) Degree: Course, Scope, Career, Admission, Fees


Today’s students are very career-oriented. Right after the 12th, many are on the lookout for professional courses that will set them on the path of a strong career. One of the best professional courses students can choose after 12th is the BBA in International Business (BBA-IB).

Thanks to globalisation, today most businesses are looking to go international. The BBA-IB is the course that will put you on a track for a career in multinational companies because the course gives you expert knowledge about international business, and prepares you for the challenges of global business operations.

In the following blog, you will know all that there is to know about the BBA-IB degree course that will help you decide if this is the course for you. From course eligibility to benefits, a wide variety of things are going to be covered in the blog. So, read on to know more:

What is BBA International Business Degree All about?

The BBA-IB degree is a professional bachelor’s degree course that teaches students business administration and international business. Now, you may wonder why this degree is different from any management degree. But there are many key differences like:

  • International business is quite different from a national business.
  • Each country has different rules and regulations for business which are taught in the BBA-IB.
  • The BBA-IB degree also covers the trends and technologies that are driving international business.
  • Environmental impact is another important aspect of business that is taught in this course.
  • In BBA-IB, you also get to learn important foreign languages.

The BBA-IB is a course like no other. Along with so many wonderful subjects, there is also a lot of stress on personality development. This course will teach you to be a strong confident leader.

Why Studying BBA International Business (BBA-IB) is Important?

The world is now a smaller place when it comes to business and industry. Today, many Indian companies have an international presence, and many foreign companies have made India their base. Therefore, these companies need professionals who know and understand international business. But there are many other reasons why BBA-IB is important. They are:

  • There’s a need for professionals who understand business at a global level.
  • The international business ensures robust growth in the economy and industries.
  • International business brings about technological advancement.
  • Education also sees advancement with exposure to international business.
  • BBA-IB is also important because students get to learn a lot of worldly knowledge.

Is BBA International Business a Good Course After 12th in India?

Right after 12th, many students make the mistake of choosing courses based on what their friends are doing or what they are pressured into by their parents. Then they end up either doing a course that has no scope or change their stream much later having wasted precious time and money. But if you choose BBA-IB after your 12th, you are choosing a professional, interesting course that will open up many avenues for you. This is one of the best courses you can do after the 12th.

BBA International Business (BBA-IB) Course Highlights

One of the best ways to know about a course is by knowing about the highlights and subjects that you will learn. In BBA-IB, many subjects are quite different from most undergraduate courses. These highlights and subjects will give you a strong idea about the BBA-IB degree course:


Level Undergrad
Exam Pattern Semesters (6)
Duration 3 years
Eligibility 12th pass
Admission Types Entrance Exam, Merit-based or Both
Average Fees 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs
Average Start Salary 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs


What is BBA International Business Course Eligibility Criteria?

Before you choose an undergraduate course, you need to know about the eligibility criteria. Here are the eligibility criteria for BBA-IB:

  • You need to have completed your 12th from a recognised education board.
  • Your 12th needs to have been done in Commerce or Science. But some colleges accept Arts students as well.
  • You need to have a score of more than 40%. But some colleges don’t have a percentage cap.
  • You may have to clear an entrance exam if required by the college.


What is the Fees Structure for BBA International Business Course?

The fee structure is another factor that affects one’s decision to pursue a course. But rather than just looking at just the amount, you have to look at the value the course brings. Currently, most colleges collect fees in a semester-wise pattern or an annual pattern. Below is the average fee range for BBA-IB.

  • 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs

*Fee structures and amounts vary as each college has the freedom to decide its fee structure and amount. *


Semester 1     

  • Principles of Management
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Business Accounting
  • Business Economics-Micro
  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Demography (30 hours)
  • Skill Enhancement Course (30 hours)

Semester 2

  • Basics of cost accounting
  • Origin and development of
  • Global Business
  • Commercial Geography
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Business Statistics
  • Fundamentals of computers
  • Skill Enhancement Course (30hours)
  • Physical Education

Semester 3     

  • Elements of Human Resource Management
  • Global Competencies and Personality Development
  • International Economics
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Foreign Language: French / German-I
  • Supply Chain Management (I)+ Business Exposure (Viva -SPPU)
  • Logistics Management (I) + Business Exposure (Viva -SPPU) Ability enhancement Skill

Semester 4

  • Import Export Procedure
  • Research Methodology
  • Business Ethics
  • Management Information System
  • Foreign Language: French / German-II
  • International Warehouse and Supply Chain Management (II) + Computer Course & Project (Viva -SPPU)
  • International Logistics & Port Management (II)+ Computer Course & Project (Viva -SPPU)

Ability enhancement Skill


Semester 5     

  • International Relations
  • International Business Law
  • Business Reporting & Analysis
  • Foreign Exchange Management
  • International marketing (I)
  • International Financial Management (I)
  • Legal Dimension in International Marketing (II)

50 marks theory + Project Viva 50 marks

  • Legal Dimension in Financial Management (II)

50 marks theory + Project Viva 50 marks

Ability enhancement Skill

Semester 6

  • New Venture Creation and Starts Ups
  • International Project management
  • Decision Making & Risk Management
  • Management of Agri Business & Agri Exports
  • International Service Management (I)
  • International Human Resource Management (I)
  • Brand Management (II) + 50 marks + Project & Viva 50 marks (internship) (Viva – SPPU)
  • Cross Cultural Relationship (II) + 50 marks theory + Project & Viva 50 marks (Internship) (Viva – SPPU)

Ability enhancement Skill

*These are some of the most common subjects taught in a BBA-IB course. It may vary from college to college. *

Required Skill Set in Student for BBA International Business Course

Another thing you need to assess before you enrol for a BBA-IB course is your skills. You need certain skills to succeed in the course and then your career. If you don’t have those skills naturally, you can work on them. The following are the skills that will ensure you excel in the BBA-IB course:

Tech Skills

You need to be good with using computers and other technologies as they are an integral part of the BBA-IB course. During the course and your job, you will be using various software and technologies. Plus, there are constant upgrades, so tech skills are a must.

Emotional Intelligence

This is one of the most important skills to have. Emotional intelligence is your ability to control and show the appropriate emotions and manage your relationships expertly. This is a skill that will help you do well in your course and your career.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are skills you show when dealing with other people. How well you build connections, work as a team, how you interact with others are all a part of interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills are important to excel in your education and career, so you need to work on this skill.

Communications Skills

Communications skills are key to succeeding in any aspect of your life, so you should be a good communicator if you want to do well in the BBA-IB course. There are many different forms of communication, but you will be using them all during education and your career, so make sure you work on this skill,

Adaptive Skills

Adaptive skills let you adapt to any situation. This is an excellent skill that will ensure you thrive and do well. Adaptiveness also makes you versatile, which ensures that you know and are good at many things. Adaptive people tend to achieve success faster than most.

Top Benefits of Having BBA International Business (BBA-IB) Degree

Knowing about the BBA-IB course’s benefits will help you decide if the course is for you by letting you compare them with other courses you might be considering. They will also help you gauge the kind of opportunities, experiences, and challenges you will face in your education and career. Here are the top benefits of a BBA-IB degree:

Professional Degree

The BBA-IB degree is one of the most professional degrees at the undergraduate level. Students are learning subjects that are quite different from other undergraduate degrees. Along with high-quality theoretical education, students also get exposed to a lot of practical education. They get real-world exposure preparing them well for the professional world.

Personality Development

One of the core aspects of the BBA-IB degree is that students are also groomed to have a strong leader-like personality. The BBA-IB degree will ensure you get work in administrative and managerial positions. Therefore, in the course, there is also education on how to become good leaders and team players.

Overseas Job Opportunities

The BBA-IB degree is a course designed for students who have international aspirations. If you want to work overseas in a multinational company or want a profession that requires international travel, a BBA-IB degree is the perfect degree for you. The course also includes education in foreign languages and business cultures.

Good Pay

As mentioned before, the BBA-IB degree leads to administrative and managerial careers, you will start at a decent salary, and with experience, you will get further hikes and raises that will help you achieve financial success. This degree ensures you start off with great potential.

Stepping Stone for Higher Education

The BBA-IB degree is great if you have aspirations to study further. This degree will help you form a strong, solid base for MBA and PGDM degrees and diplomas because the quality and standard of education are the same.

What is Scope after Completing BBA International Business Degree in India

After finishing your BBA-IB degree, you will join the professional world. In India, there is a high demand for professionals with management degrees in international business as many Indian companies are becoming international. BBA-IB degree will help you find excellent jobs in such companies.

The BBA-IB degree will also bring international opportunities as this degree is designed to make you an internationally employable professional. Many companies come to India to hire talent, and this degree will help you stand out from the competition and land a great job. So, the scope for this degree is excellent.

Career Prospects and Job Opportunities After BBA International Business Degree in India

Many students aren’t too sure about their careers, but it is important to know what careers your undergrad degree will lead to. This will help you understand your education and career path better. The following are the career prospects and job opportunities that come your way with a BBA-IB degree:

  • International Operations Manager
  • International Human Resources Manager
  • Global Distribution Manager
  • International Training Manager
  • Executive Accountant
  • International Marketing Manager


The BBA-IB degree will bring high-quality education and excellent career paths your way. So, if you are deciding to pursue this degree course, you are choosing a degree that is different and will give you the best opportunity for an international career. All in all, it is a smart move. Though most BBA-IB degree courses are good, it is important to do it from the best college.

And speaking of the best college, look no further than Suryadatta College of Management, Information Research & Technology (SCMIRT). This is one of the best management colleges in Pune, a city known for providing the most competitive education. SCMIRT’s BBA-IB degree is a comprehensive degree that gives all the benefits and advantages mentioned above and more. All you have to do is log on SCMIRT’s website and fill out the enquiry form. SCMIRT’s representatives will get in touch with you with all the information on the course. But you have to hurry as admissions have begun and the seats get full fast. So, log on and fill your form today!




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