Scope and Career Opportunities After BSc Degree in Cyber and Digital Science
June 5, 2023

Fostering Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Suryadatta Group

“Ideas to Impact: Fostering Start-ups, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Mindsets at Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Pune” 


” Start-ups and innovation play a pivotal role in driving economic growth, problem-solving, and global competitiveness. Suryadatta integrates entrepreneurship and innovation into its academic programs, empowering students with idea generation, business model canvasing, funding & Venture Capital Management, and risk management skills. The institute offers incubation centres, industry collaborations, and practical skills development, which effectively bridge the gap between industry and academia. 

At Suryadatta, critical thinking and problem-solving are emphasized, preparing the students to thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape while fostering a critical mindset. 

Suryadatta alumni serve as inspiring examples for students, showcasing successful start-ups, innovation challenges, and an entrepreneurial mindset. This environment fosters resilience, creativity, and risk-taking abilities among graduates. Overall, Suryadatta Group of Institutes actively promotes innovation, a vibrant start-up culture, and essential entrepreneurial skills, equipping budding entrepreneurs to shape a brighter career.”  

Think Education, Think Suryadatta. 


Dr.(CS) Rajkumar Kankariya 

Asst. Professor, MBA (Finance),  

Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Pune 


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