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Top Advantages of Pursuing BSc Animation Degree

The gaming and animation industry is currently one of the most trending industries that have evolved from a small to a greater perspective. The students who want to learn more about the high-quality traditional art of animated films may ideally opt for this amazing course. This course helps the students to update their knowledge about animation and experience rapid growth in the same career.

Unlike in the past, the current day animation and VFX animations are entirely computer-generated and are utilized through a variety of composing and animation applications. Different technologies are utilized in the fields of animation to create cartoons, virtual games, films, and even various full-length animated movies. When it comes to creating visual effects students will learn how to edit visual pictures or produce them so that they appear realistic. 

The field of animation is overall can be defined as the creation of a motion illusion which is very much popular currently. To pursue a career in this sector, experts suggest the aspirants pursue BSc in animation and VFX courses. This blog overall covers what is BSC in animation, how much scope it has in India, what can one do with a BSc animation degree, and what are the top advantages of studying the same. Let us check all the sections one by one. 

What is BSc Animation Degree?

BSc in animation and VFX is a full-time three years undergraduate program that deals with the disciplines of multimedia and animation. The candidate must complete 10 + 2 levels of education from a recognized university or Educational Board with an aggregate score of 60%. 

Coming to the course structure and format, it is based on the latest methodologies and technologies that are utilized in the field of animation and visual effects. The course is strategically divided into 6 semesters for 3 years. For pursuing this course, one must have the following list of abilities:

  • Proactive imagination and zeal towards coming up with new ideas. 
  • A great visualization ability and the perseverance to bring it to reality. 
  • Technologically sound and thorough in a particular subject. 
  • Creative and innovative mind. 
  • A great IQ and knowledge of the virtual reality world. 

Is BSc Animation Degree Good in India?

A career in BSC in animation offers one with a great number of possibilities as the jobs are very much fertile in India. The scope of animation in India, is thus promising as the program is designed to offer an advanced learning experience so that the experience of animation can home their skills. 

This field is advancing consistently and is actually living animal scope for animation in India. The graduates of the course can not only apply for various jobs but also can pursue higher education related to the course like MSc.

What Can I do with A BSc Animation Degree?

A career in the field of animation comes with a lot of opportunities and are constantly expanding. After completing an undergraduate program, a student can work on different fields. This includes gaming, multimedia, advertising, Film Production, television channels, education industry, media houses and most importantly IT businesses. 

Some of the popular job profiles that a candidate can pursue after the completion of their BSc in animation course includes:

  • Web designer

As a web designer, an individual can plan, build and code different web pages by using both their technical and non-technical talents. Meeting the client’s expectations and determining their names is the main job responsibility of the web designer as they can draw the website specifications by designing various sample page layouts including designing graphics, font sizes, and colors, manipulating digital images, and animation.

  • Animation technical director

An animation technical director work with different kinds of animation software, testing tools, and building tools. They help by finding unique features that ensure that it is meeting the needs of the animators and layout artists.

  • Art director

An art director is someone who oversees who designs a creative project right from the beginning till the end. An art director directs a cross-functional creative team in the design creation and implementation of different visual elements. 

  • VFX artist 

The VFX artists are photo realistic whose main work is in the television and film industry. They also working in the console gaming industry, as their function is to necessitate the flawless integration of effects into live-action.

Know the top 10 Benefits of Studying B.Sc Animation Degree

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The field of animation comes with a wide range of career scopes as discussed in the above section. Let’s check out some of the top 10 advantages of studying BSc in animation course:

  • Excellent job prospects in different industries

Because of its multidimensional nature, job prospects for animation candidates are rising at an increasing rate. The rise of digitization and the growing demands for advanced gaming and quality entertainment have also ignited the rise. Thereby, the animation is now open to different industries like production houses, graphic design firms, advertising firms, e-learning, and lots more.

  • Growing demand and supply

The animation industry ranks as one of the fastest-growing in India and has a multitude of job openings for skilled and proficient animation professionals. Animation thus holds a very important place in every industry. 

  • Focus on the emerging hub

Right from the early 90s to the present time, the field of animation has come a long way. The emerging animation industry in India is now opting for state-of-art technologies. 

  • Source of expressing ideas

If you are a creative person from the heart, then the animation industry is right for you, as you can put out your creativity in a detailed manner to a wider range of audiences. 

  • Turning fantasy into real-life elements

With the knack for imagination and boundless creativity, animation tends to be an exclusive platform for bringing out various imaginative characters alive. Like we have the magical lamps, flying carpets, and genies.

  • Utilizing 3D Art to the fullest 

A 3D Artist is also known as a CGI artist. CGI stands for computer-generated imagery and actually refers to the utilization of computers for creating, moving, and still images as well as other visual effects. 

  • Lucrative career

Pursuing a career in animation not only gives you complete job satisfaction but also a high-paid salary. The animation studio, production houses, game designing companies and now recruiting fresher as junior animators who are the decently paid. 

  • Spontaneous and versatile characteristics

The animation traits are more versatile, then it can be incorporated into a vast range of platforms and industries. As far as the significance is concerned, animation has its utilization in almost every single domain.

  • Ensure employability in various creative fields

Various creative industries like entertainment, media, motion and graphic firms are now uplifting thousands of artists, animators, technicians by providing them employment. As a professional one can choose from by various range of professional roles. 

  • Modern-day career alternative

The obsession for being employable and earning more is growing in every society today. Many people with respected professionals like engineers, teachers, doctors are also entering into the world of animation, as it is regarded as one of the best modern-day career alternatives.


Animation today is a global industry. It is growing as one of the most lucrative professional arenas. This field is conceived with art, creativity, and extensive visualization. The program is structured for those candidates who want to explore new skills in communication with animation as a career and are interested in exploring different creative potentials for the interchange between images and words and traditional and innovative media.

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