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February 11, 2022
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What Can I Do After BBA in Computer Application?

With the glowing prospects of the Software industries in India, the first thing that comes to mind is the industries flourishing under the different streams of computer science and application of the numerous institutions distributed all across India. The future of any candidate from the field of any course in computer science is considerably brighter than from any other stream of engineering, as is known to everyone. This blog here addresses the prospects of one such stream in details, i.e. BBA in Computer Applications.

What is BBA Computer Application all about?

BBA Computer Applications is an undergraduate course of a run-time of 3 years (full-time) that intends to purvey advanced knowledge on a wide range of applications from the field of computer science. 

The purpose of this course is to prepare the candidates in becoming skilled computer professionals who can bravely face the diverse opportunities and demanding contests in the IT industry and thereby build competence in their preferred field of business.

Scope of BBA in Computer Application in India

The reason behind the popularity of the BBA course in India is its highly engaging nature, and also because the candidates can easily enroll themselves in reputed companies after completing this course. The different job prospects for the graduates of BBA in the Computer Applications course are the as follows:

  • The graduates have plenty of scopes for potential job offers in the most popular and prospecting IT organizations throughout India, like Wipro, Dell, Accenture, HCL Technologies, Kochar, Capgemini, Infosys, InfoTech Pvt. Ltd., Syntel and much more on a successful completion of BBA Computer Applications course.
  • The graduates are hired with job titles of Web Designer, Software developer, Network Analyst, System Programmer, Technical Support Engineer, Sales Executive, Test Engineer, Network Administrator, Quality Assurance officer and so on. 
  • Apart from these, the graduates are also more than welcome to continue in the academic field as an Assistant Professor, Research Assistant in any research lab or any reputed university. 

What Can I Do After BBA in Computer Application?

Now, any BBA Computer Applications degree holder can either go for job opportunities on completion of this program or can also go for higher studies in relevant fields. The most well-known and relevant choices of higher education on completion of a BBA Computer Applications degree are as follows:

  •  MBA: Most of the BBA degree holders (both from Computer Applications and any other field) choose to go for higher education in order to pursue an MBA or an PGDM course. In India, the admissions for both MBA and PGDM are offered through a national level entrance test. The popularity is because having a MBA degree together with an BBA in a specialization of choice is highly advantageous and many companies and organizations actively search for such a resume in the applying candidates. 
  • MCA: Master of Computer Applications or MCA is a postgraduate program for a 2-year period that provides advanced knowledge and skill on different aspects of computer studies and their applications. 
  • PGDCA: PGDCA is a postgraduate diploma course for a 1-year period that provides advanced knowledge and skill on computer applications, programming languages like Oracle, JAVA and more and helps the candidates to learn about their relevant uses on several business operations. 
  • PGDBM: PGDBM is a professional postgraduate diploma course of a 2-year period that focuses on topics related to business management. The course provides in-depth knowledge on business economics, marketing, organizational behavior, management study, etc. 
  • Competitive examinations: Another popular choice that many graduates can think of is to prepare for competitive examinations both in India and abroad. Especially in India, the examinations that are meant for job opportunities in Government sector organizations are well-known, for the jobs are secure with assured high payment and regular increments.
  • Certificate Courses: Candidates can also go for Certificate Courses in Management on completion of BBA in Computer Applications.

If one chooses to keep options open in private jobs, they can always apply for any IT company, telecom, consultancy, private banks or any other company after completing consultancy. The popular job titles are Hardware expert, Software tester, System Analyst, Network Analyst among others.

What are the Career Opportunities?

The Graduates from a BBA in CA are open to several imminent job opportunities in various significant fields, like IT industry, banking sectors, defense services, central services, and more on a successful completion of this course. 

The popular job titles include Web Designer, System Programmer, Software Developer, Network Administrator, Network Analyst, Sales Executive, Professor, Research Assistant, Technical Support Engineer, Test Engineer and much, much more with an attractive annual salary package.

What jobs can I do with BBA in Computer Application Degree?

Below are listed some of the most well-known and respectable job profiles offered to the BBA Computer Applications graduates along with work descriptions:

    • Software Developer: A software developer takes responsibility in designing websites and developing user interfaces by using their programming skills. Apart from these, they are also supposed to survey and analyze various issues related to the corresponding business and thereby design information systems keeping in mind the system requirements. 
    • Web Designer: The responsibility of a web designer is to design more sophisticated business websites to attract a wider audience and also build up user interfaces with unique profiles for each and every client. They are also supposed to design and maintain the webpage. 
    • System Programmer: A system programmer is supposed to design various computer software services and side by side, to formulate codes. 
  • Network Administrator: The responsibility of a network administrator is to build up, maintain and upgrade the communication systems, Wide Area Network and Local Area Network for any business organization. They also maintain the data storage, security system and disaster recovery strategies.  
  • Network Analyst: The chief responsibility of a network analyst is to create various operating systems, like Unix, Linux, etc. Besides these, they are supposed to  maintain and manage the layouts and network’s technical constituents of an organization.  
  • Quality Assurance Officer: The responsibility of a quality assurance officer is in general improvement of the organization’s proficiency and hence the profitability by formulating quality control policies and by coordinating various quality assurance programs. 

What Salary will I Get After BBA in Computer Application Degree?

Depending upon their skills and experience in the IT industry, the graduates have an attractive salary package in almost every aforesaid field. The annual salary ranges between Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 6,00,000 per annum. 

Below are stated the average annual salary according to the job titles:

  • Web Designer:  Average Annual Salary:Rs. 2,33,558
  • Software Developer: Average Annual Salary:Rs. 4,34,391
  • System Programmer: Average Annual Salary: Rs. 6,02,725
  • Network Analyst: Average Annual Salary:Rs. 3,60,773
  • Network Administrator: Average Annual Salary:Rs. 3,42,023
  • Quality Assurance officer:  Average Annual Salary:Rs. 4,88,009


Lead your path to an amazing career by applying for BBA in Computer Applications

Hence it is quite clear that the prospect for BBA in Computer Applications or any other field of specialization, to be honest, is quite bright. With the advent in technology and industrialization, the future of a graduation in this field is definitely very promising. 

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