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Scope & Career Opportunities after B.Sc Animation

Scope and career Oppurtunities after BSC Animation

The current day Animation Industry is entirely computer-generated utilizes different types of animation applications. Various technologies are now leveraged in this industry to create virtual games, cartoons, films, and even full-length animated movies. 

The field of Animation offers a lucrative career. Young artists get an opportunity to understand the nuances of filmmaking and Animation and earn a good salary. This blog covers what the B.Sc in Animation is about, its scope, career, job opportunities, salary packages, and job designation. Read to know more. 

What is B.Sc Animation Degree All About?

B.Sc in Animation is a full-time three years undergraduate course that deals with the discipline of Animation and multimedia. The candidate must complete 10 + 2 level of education from a recognized board or university with an aggregate score of 60%. This program focuses in the areas of Design, Animation & VFX.  

Coming to the course structure, B.Sc in Animation is based on the latest technologies and methodologies utilized in Design, Animation & VFX. 

What is the Scope after B.Sc Animation Degree?

Let us check out the job scope after B.Sc in Animation degree in different industries.

  • Entertainment

The Entertainment Industry makes extensive use of Animation for different purposes. Computer graphics are the most widely utilized in the Entertainment Industry on various platforms like Media, TV, the Internet, and even smartphones.

  • Education

Animation can be effectively used for educational purposes for enhancing the reception level of students, teachers, and trainers. Animation videos bring unprecedented changes to the academic capabilities of the students. Different education portals or organizations utilize motion videos, graphics, and dynamic presentations to teach students the concepts of animation.

  • Advertisement

The benefits of Animation in the advertising domain are quite outstanding. Advertisement always requires creativity as it needs to connect with the real world. Thus, Animation plays a crucial role in making effective commercials to capture the audience’s imagination and lure them to purchase a particular product or service.

  • Marketing

Animations adds a lot of creativity to any marketing concept of a particular business. It also enables the organizations to reach out to a plethora of demographics. Any animated demonstration of a particular product or service can play a crucial role in marketing a particular business.

  • Gaming Industry

The Gaming Industry is one such domain that extensively uses Animation. Any game today consists of 3D characters, and all these characters are created by utilizing Animation. Every game is created and modelled using the best techniques of Animation.

  • Retail

The retail industry uses Animation to showcase its products to the customers. The utilization of 3D animation models and videos can lucidly incorporate the features of a particular product. Animations in the Retail Industry are being used to display objects from multiple angles that are usually difficult to photograph.

  • Real Estate 

3D Animation has helped the marketing mechanism of the Real Estate Industry in a great manner. The proposed design needs to be presented to the potential customer in a simplified manual. 3D animations in architecture can be designed at a reasonable cost. The interpretation process of the building structure can be simplified with the ease of Animation.

Career & Job Opportunities after BSc Animation Degree

A career in BSc in Animation offers a number of possibilities in India. The scope of Animation in India is highly promising because the program is specifically designed to offer an advanced level learning experience. 

The aspirants can also seek government jobs. Currently, animators are being hired in different sectors and industries which are directly under the control of the government. Other than that, the aspirants can also apply for private jobs. Let us check them one by one:

  •  Concept Artists

A Concept Artist is responsible for generating visual designs for characters, item, or area that does not yet exist. Being a concept artist is not just limited to knowing filmmaking, Animation, or video game production. Still, they need commitment, vision, and a clear understanding of their job responsibilities.

  • Graphic Designer

Students who pursue a degree in Animation join the profession of Graphic Designer often. It is one of the most lucrative professions where the designer’s role is to illustrate different design concepts and materialize their imaginative idea into concrete visual graphics.

  • Web Designer 

As a Web Designer, one can plan, build and code various web pages through their technical knowledge. The main job responsibility of the Web Designer is to draw out the website specifications by designing different sample layout pages, including designing font sizes, graphics, Animation, and manipulating digital images.

  • Game Developer

The main job of the Game Developer is to design characters, puzzles, levels, art, and Animation. They are also supposed to take up the project management task and test early versions of different video games.

  • 2D Animator

The role of a 2D Animator is to utilize computer-generated images for creating animated scenes. They are responsible for creating scene transitions, characters, and backgrounds. Their job is to blend creativity with real life.

  • 3D Animator

A 3D Artist interprets the concept of 3D art and creates moving images with the help of 3D Software and digital models.

  • Film Editor

As a Film Editor, one would be responsible for handling materials like camera footage, sound effects, dialogues, graphics, and special effects to produce a final video product or film. The key role of the film editor is in the post-production process.

  • Advertisement Designer

An Advertisement Designer makes artwork advertisements and designs. Companies and brands commission advertisements for promoting their products and services. For that reason, they require an Advertisement Designer for creating design elements for their website, visual and print ads, digital brochures, and other resources.

Salary Packages for B.Sc Animation Graduates

The salary for BSc Animation degree holders will be based on their educational background, marks, skills, and experience. However, the average salary of B.Sc Animation Graduates candidates would range between INR 3, 00,000 – 6, 00,000 per annum, which would gradually increase with their expertise and experience.

Job Designations for Animators with Experience

Some of the popular job designations for Animators with a good experience include:

  • Junior Animator

Junior Animators are responsible for working on the 2D, 3D model-making,

Computer-generated Animation. A Junior Animator’s role evolves in several stages, including generating new ideas and building new design models.

  • Senior Animator

A Senior Animator is responsible for developing animation assets to support the production’s creative vision. They are responsible for developing complex animation assets for producing complex animation techniques.

  • Product Manager

The Product Manager of the design team develops product vision, understands the user’s needs, and ideates various product features to address those needs. They are involved in building extensive product experience for solving user problems.

  • Animation Trainer

The Animation Trainer is responsible for teaching and guiding the technical and theoretical aspects of Animation. They guide the students into the professional realm where they are taught to visualize Animation inspired by life forms successfully.

  • Art Director

An Art Director leads the team of artists and guides them in determining which artistic elements to utilize, reviewing and approving design copies, developing budgets and timelines, and determining how to best represent the Creative Director’s concept.

Your career in design begins at Suryadatta College of Management, Information Research & Technology (SCMIRT)

The field of Animation demands a good amount of hard work, which comes with great creativity. Suryadatta College of Management, Information Research & Technology (SCMIRT) is always focused on bringing the best designing mind out of each student. The B. SC in Animation program is a 3-years bachelor’s degree program. The course is divided into six semesters for three years.  

If you are seeking a career in Animation from the top colleges of India, then join the best institute of Animation, SCMIRT. 

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